How to Add Your Digital Yearbook with a Computer and iTunes

Step 1 – Click on the link to download the Digital Yearbook to your device.  This will download the ePub file to your computer.

This download could take a long time; this is a very big file due to the videos in the Digital Yearbook.  It could take a minute or so for the download to start, just be patient.

Step 2 – Open your iTunes on computer and connect it with your iPad/iPhone.

Launch the iTunes on your authorized computer and connect your iPad/iPhone with computer via USB cable. Then you will view your iPad/iPhone icon on the top left menu bar. Click your iPad/iPhone icon.


Step 3 Add the Digital Yearbook file to iTunes

Choose “File”, “Add File to Library”, then browse to the location where you saved the file on your computer.  Now you can transfer the Digital Yearbook to your iTunes library.


Please note, your book title will be different than the sample in the image below.  It will be your company letter followed by your series number_Digital.  For example, the book in the sample image is from Papa Company, Series 4020.


Step 4 Transfer the Digital Yearbook to iPad/iPhone

After the ePub files are transferred to iTunes, click “Sync Books” under “Books” in “Settings” to select all books or the Digital Yearbook that you just transferred. Then tap “Apply” in the bottom right list to download the Digital Yearbook from computer to iPad.


Step 5 – Open iBooks and enjoy the Digital Yearbook.